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        SANY Group's TOP 10 News for First Half 2017

        10 August,2017


        SANY Flag Flies High in CONEXPO-CONAGG 2017, Las Vegas US

        CONEXPO-CONAGG 2017, the leading industry international event---- was unveiled on March 7. 2500 manufacturers, part suppliers, service providers from all over the world participated in this event. SANY made a remarkable presence there with the motto of “Now it is time for SANY”, representing the Chinese brands. In the opening ceremony, SANY showed every bit of its Chinese origin, stunning lion dancing, strong tempo of music, along with the “Sany Red” color that attracted many eyeballs.

        SANY Technical College Listed in New OTC Market, Another Addition to SANY’s Listed Companies

        On March 16th, SANY Technical College Co. Ltd. held a grand opening ceremony for its listing in New OTC market, which officially announced its third addition to the list of listed companies belonging to the SANY Group. Representatives of SANY Heavy Industry and Guosen Securities witnessed this historic moment together. Its security code is 870999. The terms of the transaction is agreement transaction, and the total share capital is 318 million shares.

        ASEAN Media Group Chose Sany as the First Visiting Destination and Highly Comments the Great Contribution Sany Made for ASEAN

        On April 18th, under the strategy of “Marine Silk Road for 21st Century Jointly Built by China—ASEAN”, a press group of the Chinese and oversea reporters, led by Yang Xiuping, the Secretary of China and ASEAN Center, had visited SANY Group. This was a prominent journalist team, which included Singapore United Morning Post, Bisnis Indonesia, LNTV, Vientiane Times, Malaysia News Agency, Daily Mirror, Philippines national TV, Vietnam Economic Times among 20 mainstream media. SANY was the first key stop on their Hunan trip.

        Sany's Excellent Performance in Q1, 2017 Has Drawn Media Attention

        On the evening of April 27th, Sany released the first quarter 2017 financial report. The company's operating income was 9.376 billion Yuan, an increase of 79% from the same period last year. The net profit was 750 million Yuan, an increase of 727% over this period last year! As the revenue of her enterprises continues to improve, the market performance of Sany has attracted a lot of attention and follow-up reports from the central mainstream media. Since March, People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, China News Agency and other main stream media have visited Sany. Reports centered on the theme of "Sany Bounces-back", "One Belt, One Road" and so on have been released. "Economic News " reported that Sany concrete pumps in March enjoyed a sales growth of 600%. As an example of how hot Sany’s construction machinery enterprise has been, "Transaction Time" reported that "it is difficult to place an order for even one machine. "Market Analysis Room" even selected Sany stock as "The Silk Road White Horse". These reports from the main stream media have received tremendous attention.

        SANY- The Leader of Internationalization in the Industry and the First in Enjoying the Benefits of “The Belt & Road” Strategy

        In 2016, the SANY achieved international sales revenue of 9.286 billion Yuan, which leads the industry. SANY overseas regional business continued to rise, India, Europe, South Africa, the Middle East and other regions which have achieved rapid growth. It can be seen that these areas highly fit the route of “the Belt & Road”. As the leading enterprise of Chinese engineering machinery industry, SANY has been actively seeking its business expansion relying on “the Belt & Road”. At present, among the overall sales of SANY Group, the overseas sales has covered up more than 40% of the total, of which 70% of the revenue comes from the countries and regions on “the Belt & Road” route.

        Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Visits SANY, Talks Highly of SANY as “The Benchmark of the Belt & Road”

        On May 19th, Ethiopia's Prime Minister, (first name) Hailemariam led a delegation that visited SANY Group accompanied by Vice Governor of Hunan Province He Baoxiang. Hailemariam highly praised SANY as “The benchmark of the Belt & Road”, and expressed that in the future there will be more in-depth cooperation.

        SANY First Military Vehicle Successfully Handed Over, a New Addition to the Chinese Defense Course!

        On May 18th, SR420 from Beijing Sany Heavy Industry successfully cracked the construction issue for bridge foundation engineering in mud sand at the highly important main pier pile of Tongming Haite Bridge of Guangdong Donglei Highway , This created the record of pile diameter of 2.8 meters, hole depth of 146 meters, in terms of rotary drilling construction This has successfully filled the domestic gap in rotary drilling field in the super large and deep pile construction, and the perfect performance is stunning!

        At 146 Meters SANY SR420 Creates the Record for Deepest Rotary Excavation in China!

        On May 20th, the first anchoring vehicle for mooring ship was successfully delivered to X base of China Aerospace Science and Engineering Corporation, which is also the first delivery of SANY first military product. It is reported that the equipment has a number of core patented technologies, and has filled the gap existing in the market . It is understood that the anchoring vehicle is mainly used for lifting of mooring boats, hovering, recover and anchoring. In November 2015, Sany and China Aerospace Science and Engineering Corporation created a strategic partnership, both sides would carry out in-depth cooperation in aerostat products in terms of production, marketing and other aspects.

        SANY Excavator Sales Saw Doubled Growth for Two Consecutive Months, Ranking First for Six Consecutive Years

        According to the latest data from the Construction Machinery Industry Association released in May this year, the domestic excavator sales reached 11271 units, an increase of 105.6%. The cumulative sales reached 66135 units from January to May, an increase of 100.5%. SANY saw its leading advantage to continue, with monthly sales of 2261 units and of market share up to 20% in the domestic construction machinery industry, which secured itself firmly No.1. According to the Construction Machinery Industry Association, the market share of SANY Heavy Industry has been No.1 for 6 consecutive years and is expected to continue to grow. In 2016, SANY sold 14058 excavators, an increase of 40.6%.

        China's Top 500 Released: SANY’s Market Value Exceeds the Total of No.2 and No.3 in China's Machinery Industry

        On June 30th, this year's stock market announced its half year performance; the authority agency in financial data analysis Wind released the latest "Top 500 for China’s Listed Companies" report. SANY ranks No. 152 with its market value of 63.4 billion Yuan, which ranks first in China’s engineering machinery industry; its total market value has exceeded No. 2 and No.3. It is understood that this list of Top 500 covers a global scope of the listed Chinese enterprises, based on the closing price on June 30th, the listing locations cover Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hongkong, New York, London, on the listing threshold 24.2 billion Yuan.


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