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        2017 India Excon closed perfectly, transaction amount of Sany exceeded 200 crore Rs.

        22 December,2017



        On December 16, 2017, the biennial 2017 India International Engineering Exhibition (EXCON 2017) closed in Bangalore, India. During the exhibition, Sany India made a magnificent appearance with the latest localization achievement, and the transaction amount exceeded 200crore Rs., which became the "most attractive" Exhibitor of the exhibition.

        The order has created a new record, “Sany India manufacturing” is very popular


        On the 2017 Excon, Sany has fully displayed the charm of "Sany India manufacturing". Customers from India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Maldives came to the Sany stall to discuss business. 


        Since entered into the India market in 2002, Sany has continuously customized a variety of products for the India market in various areas. During the exhibition, Sany focused on launching professional mining model excavator SY500H, SY120 which sales No.1 in China market for seven consecutive years, rock rig artifact SR285, SRT55D dump truck with mature basis technology and other variety of products. With the appearance of these high quality and excellent equipment, Sany is highly appreciated by the industry. 


        Good products will be naturally favored. During the exhibition, Sany has sold nearly 200 units of equipments including excavator, pilling rig, crane equipment, concrete equipment, dump truck, the total transaction amount was over 200crore Rs. On the first day of the exhibition, Xiang Wenbo, President of Sany, also signed a $10 million purchase agreement on behalf of Sany with India customers.

        India's first female excavator operator was trained by Sany


        In this exhibition, the wonderful performance by the Sany India female excavator operator Priyanka Shinde shocked the audience, become one of the most highlight of the exhibition, has won the popularity of the scene. 

        Priyanka Shinde is the first female excavator operator in India CE industry who was trained by Sany India. She showed skilled driving excavators "magical whirlwind", "unilateral bridge", "cut fruit" and other difficult action, not only shocked customers come from South Asian countries , but also got BOSS Xiang's repeatedly praised. After the show, Xiang Wenbo had a good communication with her and took photos. 


        "The localization of talents is the most important part of the development strategy of the Sany India." introduced by Mr Deepak, CEO of Sany India, At present, most of the employees are local talent, from CEO, HODs to workers at the production line, accounting up to 97%.

        Deep exploring “Belt and Road”, Sany India’s future is anticipated


        At the exhibition, Sany India launched two new gold coated PTO 7 and 8 truck mixer, which were very conspicuous and had been harvested for over 20 orders on the first day. 


        Dock with " Belt and Road”, facilities connecting is the priority area, hence we must make great efforts to develop more equipment suitable for India local." Introduced by Mr Dacheng Zhu, representative of Sany India chairman, these two products are the upgrade version based on the 6 and 7 truck mixer of split type engine which were specifically developed for India market in 2016, moreover it is the achievement of deep exploring " Belt and Road" by Sany India. 


        With the advantage of location and its own manufacturing strength, Sany has perfectly combining technology, experience and advantage production capacity with "made in India". Also Sany India ‘s sales territory has extended to Middle East and Africa, the products are exported to more than 20 countries, and the situation is gratifying. 


        At present, Sany equipment almost appears in all the major construction projects in India. " Belt and Road" have put Sany India In the best period of opportunity, Mr Dacheng Zhu said, in the future, Sany India will also actively integrate into the wind, house industrialization projects and other new projects, committed to build Sany India as one  symbol of "Belt and Road".



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