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        Profile of Hunan Sany Polytechnic College

        11 January,2018


        Hunan Sany Polytechnic College (Simplified as Sany Polytechnic College) was founded by Sany Group. The college is located in capital of Hunan province, the time-honored city of Changsha. This full-time higher education polytechnic college approved by Hunan provincial government and put on official record by the Ministry of Education, P.R.C. boasts a convergence of engineering, liberal art and art subjects and coordinated development of multiple disciplines.



        Service-oriented infrastructure development
        The college covers an area of 800 Chinese mu (around 53.36 hectares) and has a full-time student body of over 6,000. There are all together 40 plus internal and external teaching bases for experimental and practical training, 15,000 sets of equipment and instrument and 50 plus internship bases for substituted post exercitation in Sany Group or external entities. Staff of the college is consisted of 300 odd specially organized full-time and part-time teachers, and teaching resources mainly come from external recruitment and internal training.
        Capability-oriented talent cultivation
        Guided by the teaching principle of holistic education and “humanity+ science+ specialty”, the college is managed in a quasi-military fashion, and is dedicated to building a “122” capability development system for quality-oriented student education and endowing students lifelong personal development capabilities so as to materialize a diversified, personalized and customized talent cultivation model. The college has trained in total around 12,000 technicians, 1,000 technical workshop directors and 2,000 team leaders. Among the graduates, 50 plus were listed as “Sany Person” or pacesetters for their corresponding posts, and 100 plus graduates were honored with gold award for skill competitions organized by Sany Group. Also, 100 graduates have won awards at national, provincial and municipal level competitions; 40 plus provincial and municipal level teaching and scientific research projects have been approved; 300 plus research papers have been published on core journals.    
        Demand-driven specialty development
        During transforming development progress, the college is devoted to integration of industry and education and coordination among engineering, liberal art and art subjects. Great efforts have been made to build an engineering subject package with “Made in China+ Informationization” as the core, a liberal art subject package with “Modern service industry+ Internet Plus” as the core and an art subject package with “Science+Art” as the core. At present stage, there are 5 teaching departments which offer 20 odd majors in the college. Flexible credit regime and project-based teaching have been implemented to give full play to students’ learning interest. In this regard, remarkable achievements have been made by offering a brand-new teaching model characterized by voluntary selective courses, credit saving bank and extracurricular learning sessions.
        Achievement-oriented college-enterprise cooperation
        The college has been persistent in carrying out diversified training programs in accordance with market demand and requirements for technical talents as a result of industry transformation and upgrading. Up till now, the college has established cooperation relations with Sany Group and 40 plus domestic and international leading enterprises. By combining industry and education, as well as knowledge and action, training programs have been carried out with fruitful results, including marketing and after-sales service champion class, international class for after-sales service engineers, elite class, class for Sany Construction Tech Co. reserve employees and class for Sany Military Equipment Co. reserve employees. College-enterprise cooperation model of the college, a practical application of the “German dual system for vocational education”, has been the paragon for cooperation and entrusted talent training between enterprises and other application-oriented colleges in Hunan Province. 
        Success-oriented employment and start-up
        By giving full play to disciplinary, entrepreneurial and technical advantages, the college has established and fine-tuned an educational mechanism with the participation of governments, higher education institutes and enterprises. The college has been consistently focusing on entrusted talent training for enterprises and vigorously advancing the dual-diploma regime and creating multiple employment opportunities to ensure that graduates can secure pretty decent jobs globally and across the whole industrial chain. Innovation, start-up education, as well as employment services featuring “full coverage, full guidance and full participation” have been offered to graduates. Initial employment rate for graduates from the college has been over 98% for several years in a row, and employment quality for graduates has been improving year on year, which is widely recognized by all walks of society.
        Located in the time-honored land of Hunan Province and by the riverbank of the vibrant Lijiang River, the Sany Polytechnic College has been progressing with each passing day. At present, Sany Polytechnic College has been encountering unprecedented historic opportunities, for which its staff will carry forward the fine corporate cultural tradition of “build first-class enterprise, cultivate first-class talent and make first-class contribution”, make transformation and innovation with dauntless spirit, build core competitiveness and implement the planned target tasks of broadening the scale of running education, elevate the level of education and accelerate the cultural and ideological development of internal staff. The college will move forward with the goal of realizing the future-oriented Sany dream of creating a most valuable education brand and make arduous efforts to realize the Chinese dream of great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


        International Students Recruiting Regulations

        1. Introduction
          Hunan Sany Polytechnic College is a full-time institution of higher education, which is maintained by Sany Group, approved by the government of Hunan Province, and registered in the education department of China. The graduates will obtain college degree admitted by the education department of China.
          2.Students Suitable
          To all the international students who have great interests in Chinese language and culture  learning and in good health condition over age of 18. 3

          3.Major and number



          CODE  OF MAJOR




          Number of student




          Housing industrialization/

          Application and maintenance of engineering machinery/

          Marketing management

          Three years





          Numerical control techniques

        Application Time and Procedure
        1. Application time: 15th,June,2018 -30th,July,2018
        2. Application procedure
        (1) Application: Download the “Application Form for International Students” from the website of Hunan Sany Polytechnic College. Send the Application form and the materials required to Hunan Sany Polytechnic College by post or e-mail.
        (Materials required: 2 copies of Curriculum Vitae, 2 copies of certificate of high school or equivalent diploma, 2 copies of health certificate, 2 copies of valid passport including the passport of accompanies)
        (2). First examination: check the materials of students.
        (3). Documentation of the records: Put the materials into the file in the education department after the first examination.
        (4). Admission: Send the “Admission Letter” and “Visa Application form to Study in China” after the application is accepted. 
        (5). Entrance: Come to Hunan Sany Polytechnic College with the Admission Letter.
        Application for admission:
        1. Application materials: Application Form for Hunan Sany Polytechnic College (download), final degree certificate and transcripts, clear photocopy of passport, clear photocopy of physical inspection form, personal resume, the new HSK 
        2. Registration: Fax the above material into the 0086-731-85251427, or mail to 
        International student office, Hunan Sany Polytechnic College, Langli Industrial Park, Changsha, Hunan, China.
        Admission results will be notified to the eligible applicant by International student office, while the admission notice and foreign student visa application form will be send out after the International student office review the materials.

        International Students Study Fees(Prices quoted in CNY)

        Material Fee

        According to the teaching material pricing

        Application and maintenance of engineering   machinery

        20000 yuan per person per year

        Numerical control techniques

        20000 yuan per person per year

        Students Apartment Fee Standards And Infrastructure

        Fee Standards

        Students Apartment Infrastructure

        20000 yuan per year

        (four worlds)

        air-condition, water   heater, washroom, Internet, etc

        Charges for water , electricity and telephone

        ADRESS: Hunan Sany Polytechnic College,Langli Industrial Park, Changsha,Hunan,China
        Post code: 410129
        Fax:  86-0731-85251453
        TEL: 86-18684888761(Miss Dai)86-0731-85251427/85251452
        URL: http://www.sanyedu.com

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